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Most Common Interest Developments have limited funding provisions when the need arises to meet the challenge in the form of a major repair such as siding, trim, decks, or roofing. These repairs can become life safety issues and as such must be completed in a timely and cost efficient manor. It is the function of LCM to investigate and determine the defect, develop a repair plan, obtain bids, establish the budget and manage the project while a licensed contractor makes the repairs.

When blind conditions are exposed and the association is faced with the dreaded change order someone needs to manage the change order to insure the repair remains within the purpose and scope of the original project. Hidden decay is usually considered for replacement versus scrape and treat. The contractor usually recommends full replacement of any decayed item, however; this may not serve the best interest of the overall association. It is possible to scrape and treat some areas depending on the depth of the decay and nature of the structural impact, by doing this it can save literally thousands of dollars and prevent needless interruption on the local resident or tenant.

The goal of LCM is to represent the association, manage the repair and budget by using creative solutions to resolve the unique problems discovered at each association. Using the education, and talents by employees of both LCM and the contractors to insure budgets are defended and all repairs are resolved in a timely efficient manor for the best interest of the association.

LCM has continually saved countless thousands in repair costs by establishing effective “right sized” project scopes and then creatively resolving hidden decay issues. In addition each project has always been personally managed on a daily basis to insure the original budget parameters are maintained.